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Nursery Sneak

Just a quick sneak of the close-to-finished nursery. No theme necessarily, but just cute lamby's popping up here and there. Mostly super simple bright white and some fun gold accents. Leaving out some of the favorite power pieces in the room for the big reveal later. Won't show it all till our official newborn session, but here are some fun sneak peeks! Pretty sure I will switch around the little gray shelf with less red stuff, but looked good together so I thought it would be fun to grab a pic! In LOVE with the watercolor prints I got from the amazing Shalyn Nelson SO talented. I will have to show you the others that we have too! AHH! It's coming together!!!


  1. The lambs get me EVERY. TIME. Loving that print from Shalyn too!

  2. Adorable! I love how clean but cozy everything looks!

  3. So so so so so cute, Gina!!!!

  4. Gina, Can you see more of Shay's prints anywhere? I can seem to find her.


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