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17 Weeks

How big is baby: Sweet Potato | 17 Weeks
How I'm feeling: Pretty good. Feeling crazy grateful for feeling great. Still in that odd zone of not feeling anything and not super showing yet. I cannot wait for our 19 week appt and getting to see this little babes, Lord willing healthy and moving around!
Weight gain/loss: 9.5. Feeling positive, I am eating well and working out and that is all I can control.
Stretch marks: None that I see yet. Still have to ask my mom if she got them?
Sleep: These last two weeks have been great. I have been reading a ton (like a book every day or so and then other chapters in ones too) seriously really enjoying having the time to read!
Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Nothing out of the ordinary. I love my new drink at the tea shop, the berries and cream tea with bubbles and I am definitely craving like cakeish type of things in the morning. I have been making this awesome GF treat!
Movement: None. Hoping soon. Definitely feeling a bit discouraged after hearing a couple others due weeks after me that are feeling flips, but just trying to listen to the normal trend that FTM feel it a bit later especially if you have a tipped uterus.
What I'm loving: Like I said before reading, it's nuts how much and how excited I get to finish a book. OFF SEASON. I sat at the tea shop and did devotions this morning and just was so grateful for this time. Time of reflection, time to breathe, time to just be. So grateful for a successful 2013, and praying that 2014 will yield great results as well!
Symptoms: Bloated Chest, honest finding a bra right now is a crazy challenge. I am so nervous my boobs will always stick out more than my belly! Other than that just having to pee a lot more. That's it these days. Also the occasional hip sting from standing up too fast and such. (round ligament pain I think)
What I'm looking forward to: Being another week closer to finding out if this baby is a boy or girl!
Best moment of the week: Honestly snagging a pair of Maternity Jeans on clearance, cause I feel a bit more human! I haven't worn jeans since MTH when I was barely 3/4 weeks pregnant. Also feeling super productive using the app to plan our meals and just our house feels more put together.
Verse that I am clinging to:
The people who know their God shall stand firm and take action. Daniel 11:32b
I insta'd this verse this week. I came upon it in the first couple of pages of my new devotional study. This is exactly where my heart is at. To know the Lord more deeply so that I can stand in Him and take action and emulate Him. To know and trust Him as a whole.

        | 17 weeks and 6 days |


Bumps 14-16

| Comparison of 14 weeks to 16.5 weeks | Not much of difference between the bumps and definitely learned that stripes make it harder to see. 


16 weeks

How big is baby: Turnip | 16 Weeks
How I'm feeling: Great! I got to the gym 6 out of 7 days this week and didn't feel too sore after. So glad! Still tired after long days but good.
Weight gain/loss: I was starving the last two weeks and the scale seems to be agreeing. :( 7 gain from my OB's scale. 8.5 from my scale at home. We will see what I will officially track with in the coming weeks. Seems like I am gaining all in my chest and booty/legs. It's odd, after going through infertility, I really didn't think I would care much what my body is doing welcoming this little one into it's space. But definitely felt discouraged at such a big gain this week, just because I felt like I worked really hard at the gym and ate pretty well. Just want to remember this feeling too, even though I am feeling pretty positive about it all.
Stretch marks: None that I see. Yet.
Sleep: Pretty good this week. Lots of pillow cuddling.
Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Definitely had GF items this week and after a little too much sugar I start itching everywhere. Trying to decide if I am going to go completely SF except for some fruit for the coming weeks. It's hard cause I do love GF toast for sandwiches, but I could give it up for a couple weeks just to see if it makes a difference.
Movement: I thought I might have felt a couple of "bubbles" the other day. But who knows, maybe they will be back, maybe they won't. Definitely just taking each day as it comes. So grateful to hear the heartbeat this week at our appointment.
What I'm loving: Having Matt at my 16.5 week appointment today. We got to hear the heartbeat which was averaging 145.
Symptoms: Itching! (might be due to my pool workouts too) Itching after sugar, some delay in going number 2.
What I'm looking forward to: Hoping to feel the baby and getting the nursery started. It's just starting to feel more real and it's been such a blessing.
Best moment of the week: Definitely the heartbeat was great. Also, we did our first real shopping trip today and made some decisions. I hope this crib comes back in stock or someone is possibly selling it cause it's the one I really want. Also, I had the wonderful Anne over to look at the nursery with me this week and we couldn't come to a layout we loved without having the actual crib in there. So I feel like a bit of a stand still till it hopefully comes back into stock. Babyletto has a similar style but the wood on the bottom is much more dark that we would like. So crossing my fingers we will get our hands on this one soon!!! Also, I went to Barre this week and jammed out during an aqua class this week. Both felt amazing!!!!!
Verse that I am clinging to: 
To be honest, I have really struggled in the last weeks with getting close to my devotions or daily quiet time with the Lord. I keep circling around about the same things in my head. One thing that I really feel like I understand is God's Sovereignty. We learned so much through our infertility journey about His timing and His will.  As I say in my head, the Lord does what He wants when He wants. Yet I am having a hard time seeing God as completely loving and Fatherly God that He is also. I know this in my head, but my heart has been more fearful that anything about the suffering that we could endure if it's His will. Just fearing the Lord and stopping there.

I was recommended to study the character of the Lord or the names of the Lord. So I got this new devotional study to work through this, yet I haven't started it yet. I am also starting a Hebrews study this week too. I thrive when I have a workbook setting to review with another. So I am committing to y'all that I will start both of these this week and start journaling prayer again to the Lord. So a verse that I am going to work on saying is.

Praise the Lord. Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever. -Psalm 106:1 

 | 16 weeks and 4 days | 


15 Weeks

How big is baby: Avocado | 15 weeks
How I'm feeling: I got back to the gym 4 days last week and feeling good! Still a little bloated in the chest area, but good overall!
Weight gain/loss: 2.5-4
Stretch marks: None I see yet!
Sleep: Been harder this week. Having more hip and soas pain makes it harder to sleep. Also had a day where I had green tea and the caffeine DEFINITELY kept me up. No fun. Also need to do a better job of winding down at night no phone.
Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Was just HUNGRY this week. Which lead to making some GF items but overall did great with making two homemade soups! And trying out this amazing new food plan app called Paprika!!! (Thanks Kim!!)
Movement: None yet. Have I told you lately, that I CAN'T WAIT!
What I'm loving: That I am slowly finding my groove again. Singing and dancing to music has been great lately.
Symptoms: Soreness after workouts. Soas right hip pain and pinching. Itchy boobies. Also update on #2 issues ----> Green smoothies to save the day!!! Seriously so excited about this, I was in tears when I would hit the bathroom for weeks before so yea Kale & Spinach!!!  Another symptom, starting to show just a tiny bit, but more after I eat a meal, which is when I took this photo.
What I'm looking forward to: My 16/17 week appt next Monday. I just am anxious to hear the heartbeat again and see my doc since it's been since 12 weeks that we were in the office.
Best moment of the week: Getting my taxes done early! (Almost done) but they have always been a huge stress come March/April but this year I stayed on top of it more! Whew! Also Matt coming home from ice fishing was great too! I don't sleep well without him!
Verse that I am clinging to: I instagramed my verse this week.

Anxiety in a man’s heart weighs him down, but a good word makes him glad. (Proverbs 12:25 ESV)

This is so true! There is so much that I can choose to be anxious about (there will always be). Hoping that our baby is still going strong in my womb. That he or she is healthy. Anxious about how all the timing will go around my wedding season and how I will feel. So many things to be worried about but The Lord doesn't want us to focus on the "what if's" He wants us to focus on Him. Only Him.

 | 15 weeks and 5 days | 


13-14 Weeks

How big is baby: Around the size of a Lemon | 13 weeks | Around the size of a Orange | 14 weeks
How I'm feeling: My energy has returned as the weather here has gotten freezing! It's been a little nuts even going anywhere to run errands. Really wishing I could get outside to walk or run.
Weight gain/loss: 2.5 (my boobs feeling huge lately, hoping more belly pop than these ladies, they need to calm down a bit)
Stretch marks: None yet.
Sleep: Pretty good still. Had caffeine for the first time since I have been pregnant yesterday and I was up close to 1am because I couldn't sleep. No more caffeine for this lady!!!
Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Chewy meat is still a big no no. That was the toughest over Christmas/New Years. Other than that these couple of weeks I have definitely had WAY too many GF products too often. Eating Sugar free for most of 2013, I had completely cut these out, but since I have been pregnant a piece of bread or GF noodles have been great here and there. These last two weeks I have definitely had more of them and I just feel bloated from them. Also, NYE week I just didn't eat that well, more "cheats" that I normally would.
Movement: None. I can't wait for this. It's so weird to be at a stage where I don't "feel" pregnant.  I am super grateful to be feeling well as I know many that are sick all the way through.
What I'm loving: Matt being home for 2 days due to -40 wind chill outside. Which is a catch 22 also, today was supposed to be my first day of 2014 back to routine. Yet, all I want to do is cuddle, watch movies and stay warm.
Symptoms: Trouble with the #2, dull aches in lower abdomen
What I'm looking forward to: Getting into a routine especially at the gym. Even if it's just walk/running and aqua classes. I need it. Also, rolling out some new business ideas this week or next.
Hard parts of the week: I kept putting off the weekly photo, as I haven't gotten really ready in a long time! It's hard to follow a full hair and make up photo with the no makeup and pj hair :) I am feeling a bit discouraged about my body this week, just because I haven't gotten to the gym more than 2 times in the last two weeks. I am so grateful for my growing belly, but I just need to make sure to keep moving and watch GF and high starchy foods.
Best moment of the week: We met with a doula this last week at one of my favorite breakfast restaurants French Meadow Bakery! I felt super open and confident with her. Matt liked her too. It was fun to "plan" a little bit more. Also, this week my brain really started in the nursery planning. I can't wait to have my talented friend Anne to come by and give us some space ideas!!!
Verse that I am clinging to: Reading John 1. It's just a set of my favorite verses.

John 1:9 The true light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world. 

I just LOVE how John talks about light and darkness, as a photographer it just makes SO much sense to me and it's just so wonderful how basic it is! Jesus CAME to save us from our darkness. 

I had to do one with out the shirt, since I am guessing mid summer I will be sleeveless. Good to have a arm baseline :)

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