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24 Weeks

How big is baby: 24 Weeks | Cantaloupe
How I'm feeling: Pretty great. No crazy pressure and have really enjoyed my Prenatal Yoga and Barre at Blooma. Still hoping to try out the elliptical at the gym, but haven't yet. Also, shot another wedding this Saturday and it felt pretty great. Had tons of stairs to walk up and down and was grateful for breaks. Wasn't too sore the next day and that was great!!
Weight gain/loss: 22-24 pounds. Hoping to keep this steady and hopefully under 25-30 until 28 weeks. I know that might be pipe dream, but hoping. Definitely not super cutting back on eating as long as it's clean. Definitely feel like my chest is growing again, think I'll have to buy another bra up in the width.
Stretch marks: None I see yet.
Sleep: Better than last definitely as sleeping with a pillow between my legs has been super. I definitely am getting up somewhere between 3am and 5am wide awake. I can usually get back to sleep, yet then I have really violent or vivid dreams. I wonder what the little man is doing at that time that might be influencing.
Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Had a major cheat at the wedding and had milk duds for the first time time in I can't remember how long. They were amazing. Still digging the Cauliflower crust, Almond Paleo Chicken Strips and Chocolate Chip Paleo muffins. We are rocking at home meals now and I am so happy and proud of this.
Movement: This week was a little less. I don't know if it was busy or if he has found a new spot where I can't feel him as much. He definitely is most active btw 5-7pm.
What I'm loving: Getting some house stuff finished. Anne came over last week and instead of really knocking out a lot of the nursery we focused on our basement bedroom. A room that we moved into the night before we found out we were pregnant and it's been super bare since then. So just getting it all set or at least a little more put together before baby comes is exciting.
Symptoms: Swelling after being on my feet for awhile. Goofy Hip pain. Chest feeling big.
What I'm looking forward to: MTH is coming up soon and being in the third trimester :) More of Blooma too, it's so fun to try to get there regularly.
Best moment of the week: We got our nursery chair in an awesome sale last week. We aren't sure that we absolutely love it but excited that we can just return to a target if it's not the one. We were really wavering on which type to purchase and this is really the last "big" piece of the room to be done. We should have it next week :)
Verse that I am clinging to: 
The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all. Psalm 34:18-19 (ESV) My heart has just been crazy heavy for those that still are waiting on babies, that have lost babies recently. I just want each and everyone to have their sweet babies in their arms and there to be NO MORE hurt or pain, but not till heaven. Will y'all just lift up those that are hurting and can't pray for themselves? Jesus is stronger and bigger even if we don't understand at the time.
Photo: A couple different looks as the outfit I wore today wasn't as belly showing. Can't believe how flat part of my belly is. Funny looking ;)

| 24 Weeks and 5 Days |


  1. Love to see that bump growing! also ... Love the verses, I look forward to them each and every week ;)... Do we get to see the nursery before he gets here.... Love to ! :)

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    3. Thank you Noe!!! I might sneak the nursery soon! I have a couple of big things to get first but we will see. I might just want to do a BIG reveal! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks girl. I got it as a gift and it's a perfect layer.

  3. Ditto on the nursery sneek peek question..???
    And yes it is crazy how different your tummy looks when you tilt/lean back just a little---amazing! Thanks for the reminder of the great verse at the end of your post... felt like it was written specifically for mamas who go through loss. I haven't read it since we lost the baby, but again it brought tears to my eyes as I read your post, because it is SO true. He IS near to the brokenhearted and He DOES save those who are crushed in spirit! Time is a good healer too. Our baby will just have heaven before we do, and one day we will meet him or her face to face :)
    You are looking great- so healthy! I am just so happy for you, I can remember praying fervently for you at small group ...and here you are, with a baby on the way! God is so good. He IS faithful.
    Not sure if you have tried swimming for exercise...maybe you did say that you have? At any rate I have heard it really can help with delivery and strength as your body continues to grow and house little man.
    Have a great day, today! Also I love reading ....please keep writing, and thanks for keeping it real :)

    1. Yes. I might sneak I am just not sure. I might save it till it's all done ;)

      Thank you so much for your prayers!! You are so sweet! I hopped in to the pool this weekend and it felt great.

  4. So fun to read! You are so beautiful! Just an FYI and maybe a relief- I gained 48 pounds with my last son and was still a size 10/12 (jeans) kinda crazy, but weight is kinda misleading, also I love reading your verses, they are healing. I bet your nursery is going to be gorgeous!! xoxox

    1. Thanks C! Thank you SO SO SO much for your encouragement. The weight is hard as I am working so hard against it and it's coming on like I eat pizza and blizzards everyday! EEK! :) I am SO grateful for you and YOU need to come style my nursery :) (I still will most likely be reaching out for crib stuff) I have fabrics coming via etsy :)


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