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The Big Appointment

6:00 am 
Waking up before our big Anatomy Scan appointment was easy as I could barely sleep the whole night before. Halfway because I was having bad dreams, half way because I was so excited. We both woke early as our appointment was at 8:15 and we didn't want to feel rushed.

The best and most important time of my day was the time I took while still in bed to try to settle my heart and calm my fears. I started by reading in the next chapter in my devotional, followed along the exercises and paragraph really stood out to me. The devotion was talking about being under Christ's Lordship. This concept for so long was something I didn't get, but the simplest explanation is if we were under ruler of a King how would we act. Are we living under Christ's Lordship?  I felt the Lord really speak to me.

See friends. Ever since experiencing our infertility, my faith and heart have been shaken. I would not take back that time or the growth I experienced, as walking through infertility brought me closer and deepened my faith like it never has before. Yet, it also has opened the door to SO MANY QUESTIONS. So many more fears, doubts and just a pit in my stomach wanting to really know the Father and His character. While I believe questions in your faith are a good thing, the also can be something that the devil can use against you. To make you really doubt. To make a strain on your relationship and intimacy with Christ.

This honestly is where I have lived since we have become pregnant. So excited and feeling blessed but so incredibly fearful and wanting answers or a way to understand God. Feeling almost shameful that I can't come near to His throne, because I am so afraid of what he will put in our path.

Yet what the Lord made clear to me in my devotions that morning. Is that questions are just fine and good in your faith if you are living under HIS LORDSHIP. Like the Lord was saying to me. "Gina, you can question who I am, but are you living under my Lordship? You can't be deciding whether to live underneath my rule....you need to choose and from there ask for understanding."

See what I hadn't realized that all my questioning was really a wall in disguise. A wall I didn't see. What truer words did I need to here. Friends, we are NEVER going to understand the Lord or His ways here on earth. Not fully. Why would we want to? Then would God really be God if we could understand His thinking? NO. So what I have to do is JUMP in faith and while in that faith ASK. John 15:7 says it so perfectly. If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.

So I journaled for about another 30 minutes asking the Lord to just grant me peace about my questions. To release the questions that don't matter and to set my heart ablaze for the ones he wants me to seek. I begged for the Lord to truly help my unbelief. Surrendering all that was to happen that day. Praise the Lord for meeting me in that quiet time. Honestly if it hadn't happen I don't think the day could have gone the way it did. I am so grateful for that time. It helped me break free of chains that had been holding my heart for months. Praise Jesus!

8:00 am
We arrive to my OB-GYN after a painful car ride of obsessing if I was going to pee my pants or if I needed to drink more. (As was advised to have a full bladder for the Ultrasound) Matt and I walked in to an empty office and just one other woman checking in. We sit down and low and behold one of our great friends was the other woman in the office. What a blessing that was. It was so fun to catch up and chat and keep my mind off PEEING my pants. Oh how the day was full of these little blessings.

8:20 am
We get pulled into the Ultrasound with an adorable tech named Joy. She was totally open to our idea and was excited we were doing a reveal she had never heard of! So she puts the wand on my belly and honestly until then it hadn't felt SO real. There was a BABY in there. A REAL BABY. Oh the joy! Now we did have ALOT of "look away" moments from our tech, to make sure the gender wasn't spoiled as our baby was super active. (yea clementine! I ate before I walked in). It was so great. A small piece of me wishes we could have watch that little babes bounce around the whole time, but I don't regret how we did find out. I would have to say what a blessing technology is. To be able to see the brain, the 4 chambers of the heart, the lips and arms and little foot. It's amazing what that machine could do. It was fantastic. It was such a blessing. Then we met with our doctor and we all praised for a healthy baby. She also mentioned I had a bit of a placenta lake, but thought it was nothing to be concerned about. I still can't get over the profile of our little babe. It's the background of EVERYTHING. What a blessing.

9:30 and on.
We left the office and ran a couple more errands before we headed to the studio to start the set up.  The entire time we kept looking at each other saying "THERE IS A REAL BABY IN THERE". We arrived and while it was freezing we headed upstairs to the studio. My dear friend Lauren arrived to do my make up and hair. She did the most amazing job. Lauren always makes me feel so gorgeous. While she was wrapping me up, our other guests were arriving. Leah to take photos. Nate to take video and Kim to be an extra set of hands to throw confetti.

I had been really inspired to do something different for our gender reveal. I think it's the curse of living in the photo/video world. Now confetti is nothing new.  I have seen it so many and some that have been so great. I am in love with the new trend of the slow motion wedding video booths. And that is where the video idea stemmed. I wanted to catch our reaction in slow motion and just have it live forever that way.

Nate came to help with the video, Leah to shoot some stills and just the rest to help throw the right color confetti. It took us awhile to test the confetti (I made a white set, just to see how it would throw) but it wasn't long before we had our eyes closed and Leah opened the envelope and the right color was put in our hands. Then it felt like an eternity before we actually got to throw and see what our baby was! Watching the video after when we got home was hilarious because the full cut had so many hilarious pieces, for example like Nate coming and standing in btw us and we had NO idea.

Alright if you haven't seen the video watch it below. If you have already scroll below.

Baby Z Reveal from Gina Zeidler on Vimeo.

We were RIDICULOUSLY surprised. Matt and I were 90% convinced we were having a girl. We just had a feeling, when we would pray would we would say "her" or "she". I had a little bit of a boy guess after we left the ultrasound because we had to "look away" so much. But I had no idea how much I had "processed" or thought we were having a girl. Like it has taken me and still is taking me a couple days for it to settle in. It's crazy awesome and such a blessing! We are so grateful for a measuring healthy Baby BOY! It was so amazing to be able to be truly joyful. To feel like a weight has been lifted!

In the evening, we also had our family over for Pizza and had them Silly String each other and they all saw the blue. It was super simple but fun. Then we played some of the un edited video for them to view. Whew. A long post but just emptying my brain so I don't forget something! Also my 19 week update is coming soon!

Video by Nate Larson | Photos by Leah | Edits by us.


  1. Congratulations!!!! Your JOY is radiant!!! - Rebekah

  2. Congrats Gina - how exciting for you both!! I can imagine how nerve wrecking it must have been going in for that scan, but it sounds like you have a wonderful care team and so much support. Welcome Baby Boy Zeidler!!

    1. Thank you so much girl! I am so grateful for your sweet words!!

  3. I cry every time I watch this video! Beautifully executed. So, so thrilled for you! Praying for you as the rest of your pregnancy continues!

    1. Julie. THANK YOU. Thank you for your support and continued prayers they mean the WORLD. Much LOVE girl.

  4. Oh I LOVE this so much!! Your reaction definitely made me cry!! And now I think Ryan and I need to video tape our reaction. It's just a moment of pure joy and excitement that you cannot get back. Now we have a couple days to figure out how we want to do it... before we find out on Friday... hmmm

    1. J! You are the sweetest. Yea it took a little or a lot of coordination but it was so worth it. Iphone video works great! MUCH LOVE and good luck!

  5. Ahhhh I just LOVE this!!! I am covinced that Baby Z is one of the luckiest babies yet! Congratulations on what has to be the most exciting news!


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