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38 Weeks

How big is baby: 38 weeks | Pumpkin (posting 38+6 days, tomorrow is 39! 8 days y'all)
How I'm feeling:  Tired. Sore and starting to get excited and a bit anxious. Last week was a whole bunch of sleep. I honestly was sleeping like 18+ hours a day because I could. I just napped when I felt like I needed. This week I got back to Yoga, Monday and Tuesday and it felt great. The pelvic pain is back with a vengeance but I am trying to just go with it hopefully meaning that it's him coming down and getting ready. I got my back adjusted for the first time in months (hard with my belly and a chiro with no drop table) and it was remarkable. Everything just shifted back into place.
Weight gain/loss: Ahh, this week I went over the 60 threshold. 65 my scale said, but I have been yo-yo-ing by 5 or more so I will weigh again tomorrow. I was hoping to hold onto the under 60 as I had for about 3-4 weeks, but at this point I can't do much of anything about it. Also, my arms the last three weeks have past the point of no return, they make me quite uncomfortable. Just keeping it real y'all.
Stretch marks: Yep it's NUTS how they have kicked in since 35 weeks. I barely had 2 then and now I have so many and more and more on the sides of my belly button. They aren't too pretty but not much you can do about it but be crazy grateful our baby boy is almost here.
Sleep: This is still going surprisingly better than the last couple of weeks. Turning over in bed is really really hard and hurts my pubic bone SO incredibly much, but I am not getting up to pee super often (maybe 2-3 times) and if I awake I feel rested typically even if it's 5am.
Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Last week I couldn't get enough fruit, now this week honestly I am just eating less. Wanting more meals and turkey sandwiches with chips in the middle.
Movement: He is moving in there! It's such a blessing to feel and grateful in times of worry. He does seem to be tired still on days that I am tired, but lately anytime I eat he goes nuts!
What I'm loving:
Symptoms: Swelling, Ear Aches and fluid in ears, Higher BP (went up at last appt, and have been watching it since.) We actually were in the hospital last night making sure everything is alright. Better safe than sorry. Being tired, sometimes heart racing, really hard to "get up" off things, shoulder pain is back and boobs not fitting into any bra I own.
What I'm looking forward to: Honestly, last night we weren't sure if we would be induced due to high BP, so we packed everything and pretty much had an open mind that we could be meeting our little man. I was actually really calm and relieved and excited. I definitely would love to avoid being induced at all costs, but having an action plan and a date that he would be here was so exciting as well. Of course we were sent home with the all clear, but I do think it's odd I was so ready and excited. So this week I need to start doing the extra walking, tea and other things to get it all cooking, but I am not yet super motivated to. Still tired and ok with resting.
Best moment of the week: Seeing my inbox hit real zero. For me all things that really needed to be wrapped up felt so good! Also, Matt and I had a good laugh the other night, because Mya is staying very close to me these days, especially near my tummy and lower tummy and I keep thinking that my water is going to break right on her. I don't know why this was so funny to us at the time, but we were laughing like crazy.
Verse that I am clinging to:  Deuteronomy 31:8 : The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged." I woke up earlier this week at 4am and just couldn't sleep, so I pulled open my devotions and started to read and the Lord was really calling me to just release fear. There is SO MUCH UNKNOWN with the arrival of this little guy. When is it going to happen? Where? How long? Will I be able to rock it naturally? Will it be impossible? What will he look like? Anywhoo. I have been feeling a bit of failure cause I am never going to be "ready" but this verse and the Lord is really saying to me.

Gina I go before you. I already KNOW the unknown. You just need to look to me and trust me. Focus on me. This has been such a place of peace. God is good y'all. It definitely takes work to Abide but he is GOOD!

Also, if we could ask for prayer over two things. That if possible he will come before July 8th, if it's the Lord's will and also that when labor starts that it progresses and won't go for days or be unknown. I know I have NO control at all over these things and that the Lord has the perfect plan, but these are what we are lifting up and surrendering over.

Just keeping it real most days are just in PJ shorts and a tank top without a bra, since bra's don't fit much. Pretty much just that outfit and a pair or two of yoga maternity pants from Target. I also have started to go just a sports bra to blooma yoga, it's the baby Z coming out party! Naked Belly till he comes, stretch marks and all!!!

Our Couple Maternity Shots

The timing for these photos worked out just perfectly! Leah was able to pop down the perfect weekend with the blooms. These were taken 34 Weeks + 1 day! I can't believe it's been more than a month since then! I just love the tones in these photos and wish that we had these trees for more than 3 or 4 days a year!

29 Weeks - 37 Weeks Comparison


37 Weeks

How big is baby: 37 Weeks | Wintermelon (Again, posting late. Today is 38!)
How I'm feeling:  Excited that I made it through all of my work commitments. I can't believe I am actually on the flip side of the "2 Weddings" that I had been most concerned about. Praise the LORD! I felt good and that work is almost completely done (working crazy hours to do so). Spending alot of time this week tidying up loose ends and napping.
Exhausted and starving and non motivated. I feel like I can't eat enough to keep my body satisfied, yet I can't eat too much at one time. I haven't popped on the scale this week just because of where my heart was at last week (I talk about it more below) Definite swelling more, but not overly swollen like in one place but just feeling like I am retaining water. I have been too tired for walks but made it to 2 Barre classes this week. Couldn't do every exercise but modified as I needed to. Hoping to get to Yoga tonight and start walking earlier when it's less humid.
Weight gain/loss: To be honest I am starting to get afraid of what postpartum will be like with 60 maybe plus extra pounds. I have been mega discouraged about my body this last week. I'm scared all the old yucky body images issues are going to come back. I just feel like a failure even though I ate really clean and did the best I could with workouts. It's just hard when most of your friends that even eat like minded only gained 30 or so. These pictures definitely make me feel uncomfortable, but some of my other outfits I don't feel as huge. 
Stretch marks: Yes, both sides of my belly button as per last week. Tiger stripes!
Sleep: Actually reasonable, getting up a ton of times to pee. But CANNOT get enough, I could sleep all day.
Diet/Cravings/Aversions: This week I don't want fruit as much. I want salty things. Very weird!
Movement: Definitely a little less but will kick up when I seem to get worried. I just think he is running out of room in there...
What I'm loving: Acupuncture was great Friday. Maybe I'll go for "getting it started" treatments starting next week. Being done with commitments! I kinda just want to hole up with my husband and hang out until the baby comes. It's so odd to feel like I don't "have" to do anything for a bit.
Symptoms: Tiny bits of heartburn, swollen chest...the ladies are growing again!!! eek!, slow movement. I have had a bad earache for WEEKS and I just think it's increased fluid and mucus in my head that is swishing around. It's not too fun. Definitely been having Braxton Hicks for a couple of weeks consistently now, this week I think I felt a couple of normal contractions too. Greasy skin and Hot flashes too.
What I'm looking forward to: Tomorrow Matt and I are going to try to hit up the morning pool over in Eagan, where I have taught classes the last 3 summers. The have a lap swim, a water walking spot and a class that we might try. I just want to see what it feels like to be in the pool when I don't get worried when he engages my cervix! Tomorrow is also my 38 week appointment! Excited to just hear the heart beat and have my Doula meet Dr. H! Maybe also looking forward to trying out fun things to get labor started next week. Pineapple, RRL tea, who knows when he is going to come but it would be fun if I had some extra time with him before my first wedding back.
Best moment of the week: My last wedding was such a joy and hilarious as I got poured on at the end of the night. It was perfect way for me to leave and let my team finish the job as I was literally DRENCHED from head to toe! On Sunday we went to our Couples Birthing Intensive at Blooma and it was so great. Just to get our minds set and re-prepared for what is to come. Learned some new things, but had a great time just reviewing as well!
Verse that I am clinging to: I think I have two. First just praising the Lord for his faithfulness. 1st Chronicles 16:34 :: Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever!! and also 1st Chronicles 16:11 :: Search for the LORD and for his strength; continually seek him.

| Photo taken at 37 Weeks and 6 days |


36 Weeks

How big is baby: 36 Weeks | Honeydew (actually posting this post on 37 weeks +1, whoops lazy)
How I'm feeling: Oh man, the second photo tells it all. Just exhausted and blah. It took alot of effort to get this photo done this week. This week has been hard as I am moving slow and trying to do everything to get my work done AND equally rest for the weekend wedding! I can't believe it's here!! I definitely never thought I would say this, but I see how people get "done" with being pregnant. This week was just hard. Not fueling well, equals not feeling to hot. Today I feel quite a bit better, but not amazing. I just think my body is working hard for a million reasons right now. Just praying tomorrow's wedding goes well, last weeks went amazing! I felt really good and had such a great team that supported me. God has been giving us SO many little blessings!
Weight gain/loss: 53-60. This is kinda a guess. I have been avoiding the scale, cause it's a bit discouraging. This week wasn't good with food, not bad food or overeating, just too many GF products that seem to clog up my system and just really emotionally wreck me. *Update 6/14 got on the scale this am and was back at 53. Maybe the GF products really kicked out of my body...
Stretch marks: Definitely on both sides of the front of my belly. It's mirrored. Goofy that I got them on one side before the other.
Sleep: I feel like I could sleep for days. DAYS. Been so tired, yoga and barre were minimal this week. Still flipping and flopping a lot in the evening and getting up to go to the bathroom at least 4-5 times a night.
Diet/Cravings/Aversions: This week was terrible for eating. Tuesday and Wednesday I ate "terrible" for me. Lots of GF products and cashews cause making a meal seemed like too much work. It's nuts how MUCH specific food affects me. I immediately Wednesday night was feeling terrible, sad, depressed, bloated and just BLAH. How I used to feel so super often in life. Honestly I fully believe it was the "junk" that I was eating. Again, junk for me is healthy for others, but I have just learned that my body doesn't do well on too much sugar, starch or high glycemic foods. I have a baby growing that makes a bit of a difference but still nourishing with the RIGHT food matters. It's so not worth it for me cheat more than here or there.
Movement: He was quiet for monday after the big weekend of my first of the last two weddings, then he started up again late afternoon Monday. He was back to his old spot of head down, butt up and feet to the right of my belly looking down.
What I'm loving: My hair! My girl Lauren added some lowlights and then did a fun french braid that made me feel so not gross and huge. Also got my nails done this week, so fresh and so clean, clean.
Symptoms: Bloating, swelling, pelvic pain. Ear pressure and mucus in my head and such. Braxton Hicks.
What I'm looking forward to: Rocking tomorrow's wedding out and Sunday's birthing class with Bridget at Blooma! Then what will feel like freedom with only edits and emails to finish up. Excited to get in the pool, listen to hypno-birthing tracks, and all the stuff I have been avoiding for months to make it through this weekend!
Best moment of the week: Getting all of our registry goodies and packing them away! Feeling like we are set for this little guy to come! Bags are packed and I just need to run through the little cards I left in each one. Also, acupuncture this week to make my body feel stable and relaxed.
Verse that I am clinging to:  First I just need to say, THANK YOU JESUS. You are so good and I am so grateful for this gift and all the little ones you have bestowed on us these last couple of weeks. I just loved this verse that we talked about in Sunday's sermon. Just is clean and just so good to keep in front of me.  With promises like this to pull us on, dear friends, let’s make a clean break with everything that defiles or distracts us, both within and without. Let’s make our entire lives fit and holy temples for the worship of God. 2 Corinthians 7:1 MSG

I am also starting to look through these more often Labor Verses....Thank you Val Marie Paper.


            | Picture taken at 36 Weeks and 6 Days | 


20 Weeks vs 35 Weeks

Crazy different! 

35 Weeks

How big is baby: 35 Weeks | Coconut! Finally a fruit that is normal ;)
How I'm feeling: Pretty good this week! Definitely tired and having to do less here and there, but working to get it all done!! Matt was gone this weekend and with bad thunderstorms it made for an eventful weekend!
Weight gain/loss: 53-56. I feel like my body is slowing down growing but it might just be in my tummy? Who knows I was hoping to level off before 60, but my body is going to do it's thang.
Stretch marks: Yes on the right side of the front of my belly. The left side hasn't fully come through, but I am super "veiny" in my tummy. GOOFY!
Sleep: I have been going to bed late almost too late but sleeping really good the last two nights.
I often forget that I need load my body different and try to sit straight up and then my upper abs hurt for a bit. Definitely feel like I get stuck.
Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Grilled Shrimp, Turkey Sandwiches, Watermelon! Berries and goat cheese all good over here!
Movement: Yes! Almost always on the right side when I am looking down. I actually really enjoy the slithery movements. As I visualize him streching. Definitely have moments where I think he is bouncing on my bladder. Crazy feeling.
What I'm loving: That I am so close to being done with "work" I have 2 weddings and one session left! It feels like I am in school and the last day is coming!!
Symptoms: Less swelling than last week but it's still there. Walking is a little harder. Bending over harder. Needing to eat right away in the am because I think I am experiencing really mild heartburn/gargly.
What I'm looking forward to: Rocking out my wedding on Saturday. I have a great team and I am just praying this little guy stays comfy inside until after June 16th! Also purchasing the rest of our registry and getting all that we need.
Best moment of the week: Seeing our doula last week was so great and my friends shower this weekend was fabulous.
Verse that I am clinging to: Not neccesarily a verse but a quote from a devotional this week that god wastes nothing. Not our hardship or unlucky moments, he uses it all. We had some house stiff happen this week and we really has to wait on The Lord and the blessing he provided blew me away. Praise HIM and great is thy thankfulness! 
Advice to myself :: Cook up frozen meals for now G. It would be SO nice to have them currently! Like if you get a next time start meals in the 2nd trimester when your body has the energy to be on your feet more. Cause my mind wants to push but I will pay for it typically. Keep trusting in Jesus! He has this!!! Keep taking baths more, more read time and less phone time.
Oh man do I look tired! Keeping it real here!

35 Weeks Bare Belly

Bare belly at 35 weeks exactly in the nursery! Love the light in here!

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