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35 Weeks

How big is baby: 35 Weeks | Coconut! Finally a fruit that is normal ;)
How I'm feeling: Pretty good this week! Definitely tired and having to do less here and there, but working to get it all done!! Matt was gone this weekend and with bad thunderstorms it made for an eventful weekend!
Weight gain/loss: 53-56. I feel like my body is slowing down growing but it might just be in my tummy? Who knows I was hoping to level off before 60, but my body is going to do it's thang.
Stretch marks: Yes on the right side of the front of my belly. The left side hasn't fully come through, but I am super "veiny" in my tummy. GOOFY!
Sleep: I have been going to bed late almost too late but sleeping really good the last two nights.
I often forget that I need load my body different and try to sit straight up and then my upper abs hurt for a bit. Definitely feel like I get stuck.
Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Grilled Shrimp, Turkey Sandwiches, Watermelon! Berries and goat cheese all good over here!
Movement: Yes! Almost always on the right side when I am looking down. I actually really enjoy the slithery movements. As I visualize him streching. Definitely have moments where I think he is bouncing on my bladder. Crazy feeling.
What I'm loving: That I am so close to being done with "work" I have 2 weddings and one session left! It feels like I am in school and the last day is coming!!
Symptoms: Less swelling than last week but it's still there. Walking is a little harder. Bending over harder. Needing to eat right away in the am because I think I am experiencing really mild heartburn/gargly.
What I'm looking forward to: Rocking out my wedding on Saturday. I have a great team and I am just praying this little guy stays comfy inside until after June 16th! Also purchasing the rest of our registry and getting all that we need.
Best moment of the week: Seeing our doula last week was so great and my friends shower this weekend was fabulous.
Verse that I am clinging to: Not neccesarily a verse but a quote from a devotional this week that god wastes nothing. Not our hardship or unlucky moments, he uses it all. We had some house stiff happen this week and we really has to wait on The Lord and the blessing he provided blew me away. Praise HIM and great is thy thankfulness! 
Advice to myself :: Cook up frozen meals for now G. It would be SO nice to have them currently! Like if you get a next time start meals in the 2nd trimester when your body has the energy to be on your feet more. Cause my mind wants to push but I will pay for it typically. Keep trusting in Jesus! He has this!!! Keep taking baths more, more read time and less phone time.
Oh man do I look tired! Keeping it real here!


  1. gina i'm so excited for you! can't wait to see how cute your little babe will be!


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