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37 Weeks

How big is baby: 37 Weeks | Wintermelon (Again, posting late. Today is 38!)
How I'm feeling:  Excited that I made it through all of my work commitments. I can't believe I am actually on the flip side of the "2 Weddings" that I had been most concerned about. Praise the LORD! I felt good and that work is almost completely done (working crazy hours to do so). Spending alot of time this week tidying up loose ends and napping.
Exhausted and starving and non motivated. I feel like I can't eat enough to keep my body satisfied, yet I can't eat too much at one time. I haven't popped on the scale this week just because of where my heart was at last week (I talk about it more below) Definite swelling more, but not overly swollen like in one place but just feeling like I am retaining water. I have been too tired for walks but made it to 2 Barre classes this week. Couldn't do every exercise but modified as I needed to. Hoping to get to Yoga tonight and start walking earlier when it's less humid.
Weight gain/loss: To be honest I am starting to get afraid of what postpartum will be like with 60 maybe plus extra pounds. I have been mega discouraged about my body this last week. I'm scared all the old yucky body images issues are going to come back. I just feel like a failure even though I ate really clean and did the best I could with workouts. It's just hard when most of your friends that even eat like minded only gained 30 or so. These pictures definitely make me feel uncomfortable, but some of my other outfits I don't feel as huge. 
Stretch marks: Yes, both sides of my belly button as per last week. Tiger stripes!
Sleep: Actually reasonable, getting up a ton of times to pee. But CANNOT get enough, I could sleep all day.
Diet/Cravings/Aversions: This week I don't want fruit as much. I want salty things. Very weird!
Movement: Definitely a little less but will kick up when I seem to get worried. I just think he is running out of room in there...
What I'm loving: Acupuncture was great Friday. Maybe I'll go for "getting it started" treatments starting next week. Being done with commitments! I kinda just want to hole up with my husband and hang out until the baby comes. It's so odd to feel like I don't "have" to do anything for a bit.
Symptoms: Tiny bits of heartburn, swollen chest...the ladies are growing again!!! eek!, slow movement. I have had a bad earache for WEEKS and I just think it's increased fluid and mucus in my head that is swishing around. It's not too fun. Definitely been having Braxton Hicks for a couple of weeks consistently now, this week I think I felt a couple of normal contractions too. Greasy skin and Hot flashes too.
What I'm looking forward to: Tomorrow Matt and I are going to try to hit up the morning pool over in Eagan, where I have taught classes the last 3 summers. The have a lap swim, a water walking spot and a class that we might try. I just want to see what it feels like to be in the pool when I don't get worried when he engages my cervix! Tomorrow is also my 38 week appointment! Excited to just hear the heart beat and have my Doula meet Dr. H! Maybe also looking forward to trying out fun things to get labor started next week. Pineapple, RRL tea, who knows when he is going to come but it would be fun if I had some extra time with him before my first wedding back.
Best moment of the week: My last wedding was such a joy and hilarious as I got poured on at the end of the night. It was perfect way for me to leave and let my team finish the job as I was literally DRENCHED from head to toe! On Sunday we went to our Couples Birthing Intensive at Blooma and it was so great. Just to get our minds set and re-prepared for what is to come. Learned some new things, but had a great time just reviewing as well!
Verse that I am clinging to: I think I have two. First just praising the Lord for his faithfulness. 1st Chronicles 16:34 :: Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever!! and also 1st Chronicles 16:11 :: Search for the LORD and for his strength; continually seek him.

| Photo taken at 37 Weeks and 6 days |


  1. You look beautiful, friend! Been praying for you and will continue to do so. xo

    1. Thank you sweet girl! So grateful for each prayer. We need them these days. You look perfect as usual too!!!

  2. Hi Gina, I am a follower of your photography blog (still am) and when feedly was down last week, I started cleaning things up and noticed that you haven't been posting much which led to be reminded that out you are pregnant! YAY! Congratulations (again -- not sure if I congratulated you already). Anyway, I understand your apprehension about weight gain as I too was once 200+ pounds. My little Elijah will be 2 soon this July and I did lose all my pregnancy weight and is actually healthier now. Your body is doing an amazing thing and it's very unique so please don't worry too much. Also, I am intolerant to gluten, too. Don't let those substitute pastries and bread fool you that they are healthy, they aren't. :D Good luck on your delivery and God speed. Excited to see your little boy.

    1. Joyce! Thank you time a million for your sweet encouragement and love! We are so excited for him to come any day now. Hint. Hint! Thank you again!

  3. It will be worth it. End of story. But that doesn't mean you don't have the right not to voice your anxiety or discomfort. Once you're on the other side you will listen to your body as you have the past year even, and will figure out what works for you. Have been thinking about you - your little boy is truly blessed already, without even knowing it.

  4. G- You look way more amazing than you feel! It will take time to feel like yourself again, but it will happen. Hang tight. I know it's hard to stay positive. In the end last days I fell asleep crying just wanting That little baby OUT. Keeping it real, not trying to scare you.
    Xo Natalie

    1. I finally get that place where we all go. I completely get it! Trying to stay positive and distracted ;)


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