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22 Weeks

How big is baby: 22 Weeks | Papaya
How I'm feeling: Week 21 and 22 have definitely been my most stressful yet just with lots of crazy business things happening and just loss of sleep and worry. I also could not shake the extra pressure last week while working out very minimally so I called the office twice and ended up going into the assessment center at the hospital again this last friday.  Honestly most of the week while walking slow on the treadmill or on the elliptical felt like he was going to fall out, so I just wanted to make sure all was fine and that my cervix was good. Praise for those sweet nurses there, they are so calm and helpful and I am so glad to be delivering there. My body seemed to have figured out what it is doing a bit since I haven't had too much extra pressure the latter of this week. Going back to try the elliptical maybe tomorrow or Friday to see how I feel.
Weight gain/loss: This mornings scale said 21. Goodness me. I am trying to just keep my head up and be ok with whatever my body is going to do. I am eating really clean and treating myself here and there but my treats consist of fruit, cashews and an occasional sucker or gf product. It's just nuts to see a big (as in from week 19-22) gain. Hoping I level out soon, but just choosing to be grateful.
Stretch marks: None I see yet.
Sleep: Pretty good. Definitely up to pee more, also waking up with sore hips depending on what side I am on.
Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Nothing out of the blue. Fruit, especially strawberries are great. Grapefruit as well. I have been loving the Broccoli and Cheese homemade soup and turkey sausage still.
Movement: Lots, not completely consistent but feeling him more and more. It bring such a warmth to my heart to feel the little guy moving and shaking in there.
What I'm loving: BLOOMA!!!! With the increased pressure and just feeling different I (along with my chiro/trainer and hubby) thought that I should finally give some prenatal yoga a shot. They also offer Barre. I have been to both, and they are SO SO SO SO great. The Barre teacher this morning rocked my world and it's just so great to be able to really workout and not worry every second I am hurting the baby like I often did at the gym. The prenatal yoga was REALLY great too, completely different feel. Social and soothing and just empowering. The teacher recommended us to have an intention or prayer during class and I just focused on being grateful to Jesus for being pregnant. I was about in tears as we made our way through class just praising Jesus for this little man growing inside. I have an unlimited pass there currently and will hopefully be going 4-5 times a week!
Symptoms: Increased pressure. Some new fluids. Just feeling bigger. Itchy chest.
What I'm looking forward to: Meeting with my friend Anne who will help my brain sort the nursery layout out with me so I really can start crafting or nesting that room. Also, we have been reading the babes books from the Library every night and I just restocked my stash.
Best moment of the week: We did have our tour last week on Thursday night which was nice. Honestly the best part of this last week was having a ROCKING barre class this morning that was hard and made me sweat and push myself and also how on Monday night after Yoga this little guy was going crazy during the rest time at the end. I almost started laughing aloud it was so great. Oh I almost forgot. On Monday I completely emptied my closet of my clothes that aren't working with the bump, then tried on a bunch that I didn't know if they would and kinda classified my closet back to what is most effective for me right now. I am in love and feel so much lighter just from this afternoon task. So worth it.
Verse that I am clinging to: 
A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. Proverbs 17:22 ESV. 
Through all the hard stuff with work these last two weeks. I have really tried to pray and stay focused and I just have found these small pockets of joy that are totally a gift from the Lord.
Photo: Goofy hair, but going with it anyways. Non maternity maybe way old target dress? Note I purposefully choose tighter fitting outfits for photos, cause I really want to see the bump and some of my maternity top that I wear everyday or doing photo-shoots don't hug my bump enough so I am always searching for something that works. Peeking at the camera in the second photo. It's crazy how different the bump looks there vrs profile. Rounder vrs Flatter.

           | 22 Weeks and 6 Days | 


  1. I love Blooma! I never did any of the prenatal classes, but I got frequent massages during my second and third trimester.

    1. Awesome girl! I will have to try them out!! Was there a person you liked?

    2. I saw several different people, but my favorites were probably Sara and Shelby (both at the Minneapolis location).

  2. Adorable! With your creative eye, I will be looking forward to reading how you decorate your nursery.

    1. Thanks girl! I would love to see yours too. I am so stuck on which way to go but I think it will come together! :)


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