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32 Weeks

How big is baby:  32 weeks | Squash
How I'm feeling: Holy tired! This week has been full of super tired and I have been starting to be super stiff. I need to start going to bed a bit earlier! I did do a lot of back to back shooting last weekend, but yet I think little man is just growing this week. Praying hard this body continues to hold up.
Weight gain/loss: 47 pounds. Almost to 50! I feel like that girl on SNL saying I'm 50!! :) Definitely it seems like it's all in my legs and booty. But hey, if it supports this belly than I am ok with it.
Stretch marks: None, I see yet. We will see if they stay away.
Sleep: Is going alright. Having very terrible and vivid dreams so it's hard to sleep because of them. Also I had the BEST nap of my life on Mother's Day. With literally 7 pillows, now that I sleep with nightly. A little less hip pain this week.
Diet/Cravings/Aversions: OMG. Chicken salad! Jenna made some for my bible study shower last week and have been craving it ever since! The beets and salad less this week but for sure have made that chicken salad 3 times this week! Also, chocolate chips as usual.
Movement: Tons! Not always when I stand up but it's so fun and just makes me feel so lucky to be pregnant when I can feel a little person in there. Can definitely feel more of where he is. This action really has only been since week 31 I think.
What I'm loving: That's it's already 33 weeks today! It's gone by so fast. I am so excited to finish up my last weddings and then meet this little man. It's just exciting it's really getting closer.
Symptoms: Exhaustion. Hip pain. No energy.
What I'm looking forward to: We have another shower this weekend and just really excited to see everyone. Also to meet with our new doc again next week and ask a bunch of questions about what is upcoming. What if's and such. I am working hard to get my hospital bags packed soon too. I just want to get as much done by June 1st, so it can be a relaxing month.
Best moment of the week: My shower last week with the bible study girls was absolutely delightful. Tea, cookies and just a fun and gorgeous time!! It was such a blessing! We also had a breast feeding class that I really enjoyed this week.
Advice to myself: Adding this one to the mix this week. If I was ever blessed to be pregnant again, it would probably good to read through my own advice as I am asking SO many momma things around these weeks.  Gina be efficient with you days in term of doing and resting. Don't waste time in the morning being unproductive. So that you don't have to feel guilty about taking an afternoon nap or 3. Take baths. Cuddle Mya and actually rest or read. No phone. You only have 7weeks left of this gift that you might not ever get to experience again. Soak it in. Also continue to trust Jesus in his plan for baby z's arrival. He has it. Keep praying for what you hope but give it all to Him.
Verse that I am clinging to: 
Verses that just remind me that God HAS this! He is in control!!! Learning to believe how BIG his LOVE and plans are and that I need to stay and be in them.

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go Joshua 1:9 

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28 


  1. I just love you! This makes me so excited!!! You're going to have a BABY!!!!

  2. Your note to yourself made me tear up. You are SO FULL OF WISDOM, sweet girl.

    1. Meg. Thank you. It's crazy how it's all coming to a close and I just want to remember all of it, even the harder parts!

  3. Yay Gina! He is almost here!! Soak it in. You look gorgeous. xoxo


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