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33 Weeks

How big is baby:  Week 33 | Durian Fruit
How I'm feeling: Well honestly I would say week 33 was the hardest so far. Up until now I have had harder or scarier days but this was the first week things got harder physically. I just have been really really tired, this little dude must of had a HUGE growth spurt this week. Shooting kids is pretty rough right now as the up and down and chasing is harder than I thought. Shooting couples and weddings are a lot simpler compared to littles. I don't typically have to chase, bend, grab, scream, dance and chase adults as I do with kiddos. I have noticed how much I actually do bend over everyday. It's tricky when there is not room!
Weight gain/loss: Feeling HUGE. Belly button almost popped somedays. Hit 50 today. I wonder if I would have been running/working out hard prior to getting pregnant if my weight gain would have been a bit different. But truthfully I have eaten really clean and worked out a ton (just non hard cardio) and that's all I can do. I just am going to choose to be grateful that my body is making a human. It's so weird how once you hit another weight number (30,40,50) the fears come and try to settle in. But for me this is another lesson of surrender. My body is shared with someone else and their needs right now. I just need to trust Jesus and His plan.
Stretch marks: Found my first two this week. AHH! It's alright as I thought I might get them as I had them growing up on my back. I hadn't been good about lotion-ing religiously, so I am starting now again to hopefully prevent more.
Sleep:  Reasonable. Trying to nap more during the days. I was SO tired this last week. Crazy tired. Getting out of the bed is the hardest.
Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Had hunger that never stopped it felt like. Chicken Salad still a winner, some chocolate, other than that not too much. I had 3 small laffy taffy's on the ride home from Wausau this weekend, perfect little cheat. I had way too many GF items over the weekend. They just make me feel like CRAP. No more.
Movement: Yes, again at his own times. Morning btw 5:30-8:00 or after I eat, then pretty quiet till early evening 6-8 and then crazy from 8:30-12:00pm. He might have turned posterior in the last week or so? We will see what the doc says, I just can't seem to feel his hard back like usual just little appendages.
What I'm loving: Feeling halfway normal today. Since the weekend was so busy so grateful to wake up on Tuesday with no pelvic pain. I had a great Monday of a private barre session and yoga and naps.
Symptoms: Crazy CRAZY pelvic pain. Increased pressure on cervix. (Not my favorite) Exhaustion. Feeling down. Harder to move. Gas pain that feels like "contractions" seriously super weird. Needing to not wear certain pants as they are too tight!
What I'm looking forward to:  Seeing my new physician again tomorrow and having a trillion questions to ask. I can't wait to knock down some of the BIG ones I have. Hopefully my body recalibrates to this last growth spurt and will start to feel super great again! Yesterday I ran to target and got the final workings of my postnatal things and hospital bag, from all the suggestions on facebook and friends! It felt so good to finish. I love walking through a new and quiet target in the am!! Also, blowing up my stability ball to work on. Sitting in general has become alot harder with pelvic pain.
Best moment of the week:  Nerdy but my new pjs! Our shower in Wausau was fun to see family and friends. I wasn't feeling well most of the weekend so I would say another would be waking up Tuesday morning without most of the pain!
Advice for myself: Gina if you do ever get to experience this awesome gift again. Use these next weeks to rest. Schedule less and know this is where the going gets a bit more rough. Schedule a prenatal massage or two for 32/33 weeks. Go outside and breathe. It's ok to ask for help. It's ok to say no to the dog that always sleeps on top you. Also, remember you are carrying a miracle a gift you waited for and that is way more important and awesome than you right now. Care for you, but also know this is the end of the road and let that baby grow! Also start wearing a maternity belt around 31 during house chores and shoots? I am trying one now and it will hopefully help the pelvic pain.
Verse that I am clinging to: Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about what happens to you." (1 Peter 5:7, NLT) | like I mentioned earlier I really am in a place of needing to constantly surrender to Him. To lay out all my fears, hopes, physical ailments and just talk to Him like he is my dad. Sharing the good and the bad. Praising in the hard and the blessing. I am sure there will be more ahead, but just praising God that there is a baby in my belly. That my friends is a miracle!!!
Photo: this dress is totally navy in color just looks black due to the crazy lighting in the nursery. Only 7-8 pictures left!?!?!?

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