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31 Weeks

How big is baby: 31 Weeks | Pineapple
How I'm feeling: Crazy 32 weeks tomorrow! Pretty good. More pressure and pelvic stuff, but seems he is sitting higher and stretching the top of my belly. Definitely way more tired than last week, and just trying to rest up.
Weight gain/loss: 43.5 pounds.
Stretch marks: None that I see yet. The belly button is getting close to popping though.
Sleep: Definitely getting harder. I need to start rolling out before bed as I am getting bad hip cramps in the middle of the night. Weird scary dreams too.
Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Craving fresh food. Kale, Beets and Feta or Goat Cheese. We actually ended up making Gluten Free and Sugar Free donuts last week at night and they were AMAZING sauce. Recipe Here.
Movement: Finally starting to feel him a bit when I stand up. Mostly at night. His awake time are in the am 7-9am after eating and then later night like 6-9 and 11-1am.
What I'm loving: A pretty much FINISHED nursery! As far as decor wise, I think we are just missing a lamp! AHH it looks awesome. I think I am posting a sneak tomorrow for y'all! Saving the good big stuff for our actual newborn session later, but have some that will give you the feel of the space.
Symptoms: Starting to swell more at night and my legs are just getting bigger. Tired. TIRED. This week. Last week had SO much energy but this week no way! Hungry for chocolate.
What I'm looking forward to: Tomorrow I have an appointment that I am pretty pumped about. Also I have my bible study girls shower. I am so excited to have a girls night with them. This week is Leah's gender reveal as well, so excited to see who they are adding to their family a little boy or girl.
Best moment of the week: It was really fun to have our first shower and see many family friends I haven't seen in awhile. My mom and sister did a really amazing job and it looked gorgeous! The GF glazed donuts weren't that amazing from the bakery, but their chocolate kind was super good. Blooma Barre was amazing today! I just love my teacher Julie she rocks IT! Also, my chiropractor taped my back last week and it really helped!!!
Verse that I am clinging to: Ephesians 5:15 | Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise.  I just need to continue to keep Jesus as my focus. My first thought in the morning and not just zipping into my day and saying I will do devotions later. So, I just need to manage my time better with the Lord and set my heart and soul from the START of the day!

          | Photo taken at 31 Weeks and 6 days | 

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