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30 Weeks Today

30 weeks Bare Belly Party! I just love these Poloroids that I have taken every couple of weeks. We keep them on the fridge! :)


  1. I just had to write and say how much I love your blog and how amazing you look! I found you through the July 2014 The Bump, I'm due July 14. I just wanted to say how sorry i am the ladies picked you apart over there. I loved your maternity beach pictures, just beautiful. I only hope mine turn out half as good as yours! I don't post very often at all over on the bump because to be honest, those ladies scary me a little bit. I pray the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly, can't wait to see pic of your little guy! Blessings! Abby

    1. You are the sweetest. Abby thank you for your words, they truly have made my week. I lurk from time to time now, but just won't participate in conversation as I don't want to be "called" out again, cause it was never my intention to create any issues. I can't wait to see your pics! LINK to them even here! Much LOVE and Blessings!



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