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29 Weeks

How big is baby:  29 Weeks | An Acorn Squash (what the heck is that, here I googled it for you)
How I'm feeling:  Pretty good! Last week was such a crazy week. I only got to attend one Yoga class and this girl felt it. I guess I assumed that I was just feeling good naturally, but I really think my classes have been preventing pelvic pain ALOT. I was pretty uncomfortable late last week but feeling great this week after a couple prenatal and barre classes already!
Weight gain/loss:  37-40. Yes, hit another big number this week. Just trying to take it with stride and going to start adding about 20-30 minutes of walking a day in. Along with with my yoga and barre. At least try to do the cardio 4 days a week!
Stretch marks:  None I see yet. Definitely more "veiny"
Sleep: Alright. Continuing Pancake-ville. Some nights are better than others, but pretty much always up and going by 7:30 these days. It's so odd to want to get up cause you are sore. I also am dealing with some swelling of my hands in the early am. I must be grabbing my pillow a lot.
Diet/Cravings/Aversions: CHOCOLATE. I must need some more magnesium in my body. Lindt Chocolates the blue kind are kind of irresistible to me. I need to definitely not buy anymore for the house as I like them a bit too much. That is the only thing I really feel guilty for having more of lately. The worst of it is that peanut butter and banana with dark chocolate chips, but I think that is pretty good instead of getting a blizzard or hot tamales or something. The 60% Ghirardelli, 60% Bittersweet Chocolate Chips are perfect! I always keep Choco in the freezer so I have to eat it slower! Another favorite right now is BEETS and goat cheese! AHH so nummy! I also had some Kale Salad with Lemon and Oil from Kowalski's yesterday and it was delightful. Still in LOVE with Pink Lady Apples. Less on the Pears this week.
Movement: Of course last week after I posted how moving around he was he had a super quiet day. I almost called the doctor but the next morning he was ok. My ob said to call next time and not wait. Since then some big flips these days and more movement. Definitely has his quiet times too which is sometimes hard. But he seems to like early morning 6-8am, then is quiet for awhile and like 6-8pm and 10-12pm. I want to start tracking his "active" times more.
What I'm loving: Being back at Blooma more, it just really helps me mentally and physically know I can do it! Also, this week I only had one photo shoot and the last three have been really busy with stuff so grateful to have a prep week with only a couple of mentor sessions to get ready for our busy May ahead.
Symptoms: Swelling in hands in the morning. Achy hips during sleep. Achy ribs. Hungry and Thirsty often. OOOO and last week got my first Leg cramp! OUCH! I was thankful it was in my shin instead of my calf, but it still got me up at 3:30am walking around the living room. My Pelvic pain was terrible on Thursday and Friday. Literally ICED my crotch because it hurt so bad on Friday. Helped a ton. It did lessen over the weekend, so again going to keep being a nazi about attending Yoga and Barre. Also currently sitting on a pillow on a chair, as my couple of desk chairs are hard.
What I'm looking forward to: Tomorrow is 30 Weeks! I am so excited to have a slow Saturday ahead. Every weekend through May 1st-June 15th are full coming up, so I am excited to have a slow day just resting and hanging with Matt hopefully if he doesn't have too much grad school homework.
Best moment of the week: This week definitely was the best because of two of the sweetest PAST clients!!! First I dropped off my Dec 2012 couples wedding album that turned out beautifully and stopped in and got a tour of their amazing condo that they completely refinished. But of course Rachelle BLEW me away with having my favorite Lindt Chocolates and cut up Pink Lady apples for all of us to snack on while I was there. I about cried I was so grateful! Honestly the SWEETEST. Then I got a package in the mail from one of my past clients who I hired to make some changing pad covers for our nursery. Miss Crystal had made a wet bag randomly, something that I had been meaning to buy with my fabric and it's just PERFECT. Seriously about started bawling....must be emotional stage for me, but just overwhelmed by the GOODNESS of others. I owe so many of you thank you cards! They are on my to-do! Also, Baby Z got his first camera from one of my winter couples this year. It is the CUTEST!
Verse that I am clinging to:  Ephesians 5:15 : Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise. I think it's so easy each morning to forget WHERE and WHO my identity is based in. I often drift into the day's activities before my quiet time and EVERYTIME I fall into my flesh trap. I just need to continue to MAKE HIM first and really live my life like the Lord is who I based my identity in!

   | I might share my Bare Belly polaroid tomorrow!!! | 29 Weeks and 6 days |


  1. I am so happy to have made you feel special! Take care sweet mama! xo


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