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27 Weeks

How big is baby: 27 Weeks | Cucumber (these are so weird, week to week, I feel like they get small and big)
How I'm feeling:  Honestly most of this week has been really great. I spent a good chunk of it in North Carolina and it was great. Tiring and super busy but great. I felt like I nourished really well last week and my body really feels good. I think I had a good amount of swelling that has gone done since I returned home but all the sudden from feeling huge, I am feeling quite small which is SO incredibly weird. Also, started listening to the Hypnobabies tracks and reading some of the info. Not sure what I will do with it yet. If anything the tracks are helping me relax and sleep :)
Weight gain/loss:  30-33. Weighed myself when I came home and was under by .5 from when I left which was encouraging. This morning was up 3 more, I think my barre class and pushups are building some muscle!
Stretch marks:  None I see yet. Need to lotion more!
Sleep: Definitely getting less and flipping more often (Pancake Sleep is what I call it) Taking more naps as I can. Also, the last couple of nights waking around the 3-5am hour and starting to get hungry again.
Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Chocolate! Lindt especially, goodness/gracious. Pears and broccoli. Odd things but OH so good. I had a beet salad last night that was delicious. I did a pretty good job of eating whole food while I was traveling and it just really reset my body. I definitely think I am doing that at home. I just ate more Salads at night (out to eat, a bit more simple to do so) and was just really happy with how I felt.
Movement: SO off and on. This is the part that has been worrying me the most. It's SO different that what I feel most pregnant moms describe. They talk about the baby active as every kicking a storm and it being uncomfortable and it's just not that way for me right now. I am just trying really hard by lifting the worry up in prayer, but it's hard. Feeling the little man more today which I am grateful for.
What I'm loving: It's the 3rd TRI! I can't believe it already, but grateful that we have made it that far. I also am slightly obsessed with the maternity photos we took on the beach in North Carolina. It was crazy stressful to actually take them (4hr drive, longer than we thought, short time on the beach, hair all caput.) But SO grateful we did go even if it was exhausting.
Symptoms:  This week my body seems to have normalized my crazy last couple of weeks weight gain, so odd to be feeling small? A little heartburn. LOTS of rib pain in the back, not sure if that is caused by the bra issue. (none of the Amazon ones fit, ordered some more this week, as I returned the others) HOT, being so much warmer!!! Especially in North Carolina, I am a little worried at how warm I am going to get this summer. I was literally trying to cool myself down with frozen veggie packs at Mackenzie's house this last week. Also, lastly exhausted again. Needing naps.
What I'm looking forward to:  Being done with my GD test this Friday. I just have no idea what to expect here as I don't ingest much sugar at all besides a banana and chocolate chips. So I just am hoping the syrup doesn't throw my body into crazy shock or itchy-ness. Hearing the heartbeat on Friday will be awesome too. I think I get two shots this week, so just being done with those!
Best moment of the week:  Getting back to Yoga and Barre at Blooma after a week of being gone. My body just feels so much less sore and tight when I am doing these classes. GRATEFUL for them. Also, seeing my teachers and classmates, its so fun to get to know other mommas!Also walking outside has been super amazingly great!
Verse that I am clinging to:  And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life? Matthew 6:27. WORD. This has been what I have been holding onto. It seems like I can worry about ANYTHING. It just was odd that on Sunday I felt so small (as in my belly) I just started to fear something was wrong. I wasn't really feeling him much the early part of this week, so really trying to separate worry, anxiety and intution. I have an appt this friday to make sure heartbeat is good and such, but it's just hard sometimes to not let your mind go 0-60 about worry. So just holding onto this verse and giving it all up to JESUS. Asking Him to take away the worry and just bring to mind something or worry if I need to address it. It's all about surrender. Just hoping and praying they are thriving and safe in there.
Photo: Love these Old Navy tanks! They are SO comfy!

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  1. Less than 3 months to go -- Wow- you look great, Gina :) little man is growing strong. Praying along with you against ALL fear and anxiety. God knows, He cares, AND He has got you two in the palm of His hands. (All 3 of you- Matt too :)....Love you!


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