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40 Weeks

(this will be a short one since I am writing post birth)

How big is baby: 40 Weeks | Jackfruit
How I'm feeling: Exhausted, tired wanting to be done! Doing everything to get this baby out. Walks, Acupuncture, RRL Tea etc. Been contracting in the evenings but then I fall asleep to see if it's really it and it pans out. Went to the doctor and blood pressure normalized. With everything with the BP I ended up getting checked again on my due date. I was 1cm and Cervix was soft.
Weight gain/loss: 68
Stretch marks: Yes, Itching is uncontrollable, it's been really hard to deal with all week.
Sleep: Not much, contracting a lot at night and having itching problems are not making it too pleasant.
Photo: Now that you know his NAME! I can show you the actual wall I have been taking photos on and editing out to get white space :) Also, some Mya pics.

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